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these toxic chemicals going through your water supply but you know it trump i want to just point out as we try to compete with china what we're doing is just basically doing a race to the bottom here is the headline e.p.a. plans to get thousands of pollution deaths off the books by changing its math and if we do this and once the e.p.a. does this and shows. basically lower deaths caused by pollution we'll be able to increase our coal production and go to that 18th century technology of coal and you know at least trample when those west virginia votes again then when this is a radical behavior by the government where they just the measurements and we saw that with inflation right the inflation starting really is 678 percent but the government says it's running a less than 2 percent because they don't include things that are actually going up in price so what they go up and prize they do so-called donica just runs and swap out for stuff that's not going up in price and then they claim that there's no
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inflation in the interest i should be low cetera so here in this environment all tyranny they're going to change how they calculate deaths by toxicity by environmental degradation by corporate jihad in a way that looks better it looks better and you know that we should feel good about that because the people that died if it was just a clean not included in the in the data then who did they really die well again this is part of our whole theme that we've been covering of globalization indeed globalization china right now is one of the fiercest proponents of globalization because they've been the biggest winner and part of that is. working hard towards cleaner energies towards cleaner technologies toward ai towards advanced technologies and they certainly do not want the pollution they do have a long term plan of getting rid of all their coal production because it is. causing
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deaths and it is caused an angst amongst the middle class our middle class however is shrinking rapidly they have decided instead to choose death i guess with opioids or they just quietly moved into trailer parks and off the housing ladder out of the american dream member the american dream is building you own your own home this is your own home right well apparently one in 15 americans now live in trailer parks i don't know how many are live in their cars along the side of the road in california and the west coast us private equity moves into trailer parks for investors mobile homes are cash cows and a ripe target for consolidation in america trailer parks are fragmented mom and pop business making them right targets for consolidation they're also shorthand for poor most people who live in them are part of households earning less than $50000.00 a year some 22000000 individuals live in trailer parks roughly one in 15 americans
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most own their trailers which depreciate just like cars but rent the land underneath them since traditional mortgages on such properties are not available and so enter into this mix the likes of blackstone and all these huge private equity groups are now buying up all of these the lease holds the land on which these trailer parks are sitting and the rents are going up slums with wheels you know and slumlords are profitable. that extract from the economy and apply that to trailer homes i mean we were at campgrounds of america i think it's called there's like a chain of these campgrounds and trailer parks across america so yeah these types of organizations would be rolled up into a big rural up so you have economies of scale you now have lots and lots of trailer parks all socialize reporting to one corporate behavior it's on wall street and they're extracting the coals and dimes and a lot of people are soft. it also goes back to this part of the globalization.
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our economy failed the financial system failed in 2008 and obama was the great hope that he was going to fix this and exact justice for what had been wrought upon the people and what he did instead was bail them out and also have you know basically applauded when interest rates went down to 0 so this financial times article and most people don't read the financial times for the news they're going to go to m s n b c or fox and get their partisan news and you know feel better while they're down in their opioids and in their trailer park but what the financial times is pointing out to the elites in the wall streeters who run this country that part of why private equity owns all these trailer parks is 0 percent interest rate monetary policy monetary policy only works for those who are the capital delegator wall street private equity part of that is down to monitor terry policy that has made
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housing the one area of the u.s. economy that has seen any real inflation another part is housing quote unquote recovery has been driven largely by cash rich and institutional investors invitation homes which blackstone founded in floated has become the largest single family home landlord in the us a development its chairman and chief executive stephen swartz men says has been quote good for america well this would fall in the category of interest rate per ok so the other words blackstone group can borrow money at 0 percent and they are able to acquire vast swathes of slums mobile home parks and then charge interest and rent for the occupants and those people are living in the. bantustans. horseman
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a black stone is living on the other side of the interest rate apartheid wall and we have apartheid in america along the lines of interest rates and not a formally a wall with based on color but interest rates slicing the economy down in the middle and those with access to 0 percent rates live in the one part of town those who are paying exorbitant rates but live in the other side of town and the result is the same apartheid well the only reason why you will ever and for ever see this until something changes and that will have to be that we no longer have industrial policy we don't have fiscal policy our politicians of both parties have abdicated any of their roles that are defined in the constitution they operate on behalf of those who donate to their campaign you know the celebrate all you little job bag don't you give them 20 $7.00 and think like oh it is so cute they gave me $27.00
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a year you know your little money that might have gone towards your food at wal-mart but the fact is that they only will. basically operate on behalf of the wall street firms and in fact as they point out that rents at these private equity controlled rental unit the rental parks the trailer parks have evan going up 15 percent every 2 years now so much higher than what it had been before under the mom and pops who you can see face to face these absentee landlords don't care about you and they don't care if you die they don't care what happens to you but what they've also been benefiting from these blackstone groups that not only do they get 0 percent interest rates on like anybody else who wants to try to buy into this scheme these concerns about the rising rates are amplified by the fact that large investors can take advantage of government backed loans originally designed to help individual homeowners the federal national mortgage association or fannie mae and
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institution founded as part of franklin d. roosevelt new deal of the 1930 s. provided more than 200000000 dollars in financing in 2018 to help private equity firm t p g capital by a dozens of manufactured home communities fannie mae also backed a 1000000000 dollar loan to yes communities which is majority owned by private equity firms g i c p s e r s so again you know we've also covered this theme of socialism for the elite the wealthy and the top 0 point one percent. and capitalism for everybody else only let me throw another metaphor here the idea of financial irrigation right so under f.d.r. the government built a pipeline of cash from the government to aspiring homeowners to. subsidize
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their home buying so using financial engineering the type that was leading from washington to homeowners was rerouted so it goes now to blackstone and then they intern cycle it through to their slums so that kind of financial engineering again made possible by lower interest rates 0 percent interest rates and no regulations you know the regulatory framework that came out of the crash and depression of the twenty's and thirty's the securities act or 33 and 34 every single safeguard to protect people from sharks on wall street has been removed glass steagall was removed topic short sell move rule was removed naked short selling of i.p.o.'s that was just recently removed 2 years ago i mean this is just like giving. a play breeding ground in your economy and hoping it all works well yeah since the financial crisis when it essentially was exposed that we don't
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have a real economy here and that the majority vast majority of people don't actually have real jobs paying real incomes and that the next generation i.e. these millennial as they're now entering middle age with 40 percent less wealth than the generation before them and even less than the generations before them so it is a that's the classic definition of a pyramid scheme right that's that's what a pyramid scheme looks like and that's what they have and so we've fed the top 0 point one percent with all this free cash and masterman up real estate prices in the locations where there are any jobs in this fake economy because you've got to be groovy and you've got to be hipster you've got to live near groovy. people and the only place to do that is in san francisco los angeles new york boston like a few cities and the price of admission is so high that what's more trailer park industry is a growth business shipments of new trailers have been rising steadily since 2009
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again you know that the mainstream media your partisan news here won't tell you that 2009 obama was president he could have chose a different path he didn't so you know as stephen schwarzman has said that his business is good for america well you remember as les moonves c.b.s. said about trump that he might not be good for america but he's good for us well that's what these people think like so it's a growth business thanks some parts of the fact that an increasing number of people cannot afford stationary homes and many urban areas right now have a look but i'm sure if you put the char so the prison private prison the companies are what the mobile home stocks and put them together you'll find that they're growing at the same rate because this is actually the same business funded by the same crooks we're going to take a break and when we come back dan collins is here and he's like mr china expert. stated.
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you know world a big part of the. conspiracy it's time. to dig deeper to get the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the show because past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. what is it going to coin is magic and the new type of digital currency decentralized digital scarcity chancellor. of 2nd for bankers call the genesis blog for reason a civil disobedience
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a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history this is columbus discovering the new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the moon with max and stacey. dish you will not obey the voice of the lord your god will be careful to do all these commandments and the state huge which i come on to this day in all these curses shall come upon you and overtake you want to lead and then the white people just don't own property and therefore it must be returned to. you they get rid of whites only problems will go away. the need to think. as
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president of the free. white farmers in a free go every single day. people being tortured to death expression the elderly people in the. mania somebody of. not being the least white horse will find themselves affected by crime and we often point to one of my teens and pre-teens oh it's all sweats and a lot of no. where are you going to have for dinner should they be doing it if they need. the asking for a. civil war in south africa is inevitable. was there any chong not be in the cold of your hand to get.
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welcome back to the kaiser report imax guys are time now to turn to our conversation with dan cullen c.f.s. and they returned to america after doing business in china for 20 years he also has joined up with eyes of our capital as head of research dan a welcome back a mess thanks let's talk about joe biden's son hunter tell us about his unusual business dealings in china laid out for us well this is interesting i think . we have a major chinese problem in american politics. the biggest is hunger bite and a lot of this story has broke last several weeks you know he when you know joe biden was vice president of the country he flew with his dad to china got a 1000000 and $1500000000.00 investment from the bank of china this 30
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private equity fund in china which you normally do you can't even start a private equity company china is a foreigner there multibillion dollar financial institutions and get the right to do this but somehow hunker bite in i don't know if he's a genius of chinese investments or what but he gets 1000000000 and a half dollars from the bank of china and then gets that access you invest is someone china's largest. you know including companies like facebook plus that do. recognition you know which is a very controversial so. you know we knew about 100 byte in ukraine problem but i think this china. if you really feel back the onion here this is an incredible story our you know the country united states this went through 2 years. russia conspiracy hoax where maybe there was a meeting with some russian lawyer this is right in front of our faces
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a 1000000000 dollar a 1500000000 dollar payoff this is you know in all intents purposes looks like i'm . and it's not just wonder by the let's go back other to other politicians dianne feinstein had a chinese spy in her office it came out last year 20 years and her husband a guy by the name of blum has made tenchi hundreds of millions of dollars cohen misty with the family of guns and me former premier of china. neil bush george president son also colin best with young i mean son so i'm wondering you know do we have a potential china gate story or someone need to be looking at this and how much influence china has meddled in american politics yeah it's really crazy that during the so-called russia gate hoax so much attention on russia and yet america is competing for a global dominance with china and china is obviously engaged in all kinds of
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spying and other. nefarious activities that have gone completely on reported by mainstream media in america so who are the people with whom but the biden is doing business in. kenya give a little bit more information about that and what does their identity suggest to you he has a company called ohio investments i believe. i don't know all the people in this company and you know i haven't done the research behind it but my 20 years in china i know exactly what this is you know how it takes in business go in and entered china and there's a reason why. biden got $1500000000.00 and it's not because he speaks chinese or she doesn't or he knows the chinese investment which he doesn't there's only one reason you. why somebody with that much money and you can you can you can tell that is so. you know i think there needs to be a serious investigation and. around all of this area in how many american
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politicians have been getting rich. you know trade wars often lead to hot wars dan and you know the u.s. can't seem to beat afghanistan even though they've been trying for 20 years they don't seem to stand much chance against china by let's let's play this out as a war game i guess what sort of outcome would you expect in a hot war let's play this game china america they go into a shooting match what would happen most likely scenario would be some. type of conflict in the south china sea. china has extremely good they call 80 axis keep abilities around their shore short range cruise missiles they have 10 times the number of sos that we have in the area they have diesel subs where we have big large expensive subs you know the united states it's been said we we spend $1000000000.00 we have $1000000000.00 projects for a $1000000.00 worse the whole military industrial complex you mention it again i
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stand i mean we find pakistan pakistan from the taliban we're literally funding a war to fight there for himself. you look at the china thing what eventually could happen is you're going to have some you can have a small timing event you could get. and u.s. naval assets or planes shot down you could have on but there's no way of taking over china you're not going to be china an area of the world and china doesn't have the order to project outside of. the area so what it could call into question is if we lose a short term engagement over there and so china sea or the east china sea if you call into question the complete u.s. military. dominate dominance thought process and when that happens what have the u.s. dollar ok so people start to question is the dollar if it's not backed by that strong
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u.s. military then you just have a by me intially fall u.s. government what happens at that point you know these are all types of things which could cascade as you point out the dollars back by as paul krugman of the they are time says men with guns so let's take this hot war and take it into the currency markets as always promise to be china dumping u.s. treasuries but some claim that that would harm china more than america what china's doing now. ever is buying gold and for the 1st time start to publicly announce saying they have bought lots and lots of golf so let's talk about currency wars the dollar of gold where you see that of all of them well gold in particular we talked and we were way ahead of the curve on this man to talk about it years ago china was stockpiling gold not evidently through their central bank but they were telling all their state owned banks to buy gold bible china was the largest producer of gold everything stayed in country and they were importing as much as they could get so
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people would look at the goals to succeed ok china's only got you know x. amount of tons in their central bank reserve but everything wasn't held there it's all held in a state owned banks and it sold every little regional bank every bank outlet sells gold bars you know they call the chinese government need to call it holding gold through the people and then when they saw this currency were coming to go they've been stockpiling much gold as they can. terms of u.s. treasuries what we what we learned in 0809 is that the federal reserve would just come in and prevent money but i don't think as much of a big of a weapon as people thought it was and if china goes to sell and always so in the end nothing left to stop the renminbi from going up and up and up which could happen you know maybe not and we could currencies people think so they've been buying those treasuries to artificially suppress the rim and that's the whole point of pan buy her mess when china buy them so that's all part of the currency manipulation which has been going on for decades so i don't see them sell me known
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i do see other areas say asymmetrical areas are going to fight back she jinping visited a rare earth plant this week and that's kind of a hint that we could cut off your exports a rare earth heavy rare earths are only found in processed out of china there's a little bit in australia but it's not really process there and the u.s. military is literally not be on the bill weapon. so there are not very symmetrical ways that change it will fight back it supports a greater yeah let's move on to the belt and road initiative so you've got china russia eurasia a and these are big old buying countries and they're building this huge land trading you know the new silk road as some call it and italy has broken from the u.s. on this is going to be part of the initiative so ok belton road now includes entally
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other european nations look likely to follow in my in my view that we might be germany ok your thoughts on the latest what the belt around all these factors dan yeah well it's interesting it's a global it's a it's a global plays or influence the belt and wrote as you just mentioned it seems to be now shifting even farther west where it was ending in poland in serbia you know chinese infrastructure companies are building a lot in eastern europe they even have an annual meeting called the thin. plus one would you like all the eastern european countries china china's taking a lead in trying to build out the infrastructure in these countries while the european union looks on and bites amongst itself now italy's wait you know they want some of the chinese investment capital how far west let go it could go over the old iron curtain areas of the cold war but now it's in italy who knows how much farther could go well it's a it's a play to get chinese. industries such as steel and every type of industrial good
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they get them exporting all the stuff because they've overbuilt it and so it's also claimed he is trying to run your telecom networks they have control so that's what's going to have an all the bell rope countries your power companies are going to be cheney your telecom companies are going to be chinese is kind of what the u.s. did and so the mirror so if america you know 100 years ago we built it up and then we controlled it and we topple governments and our whim immense the kind of power projection china is going to have you both grow a mansion tell telecoms and of course are heading into the era of 5 g. 8 and so if you look at a map and you say the mass of countries connected on their belt and road and now it's all built by chinese 5 days technology. you know you're talking about mass are shifting global to lessen a power down you're going to have access all that big data you know what would you look if you talk about a telecom network it's so easy to install spyware either hardware or code in the
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software you know with tens of millions of lines of code you never going to find every every type of malicious code this and that send in back information to the chinese ministry state security that's why the western governments are kind of you know now because of the control that only the telecom network gives you in terms of information access so you know people don't realize this whole issue now cut off. united states cisco and other companies were called off in china back in 2009 after the snowden leaks came out and they discovered how imbedded u.s. intelligence agencies are in u.s. . they instantly at that time cut off that you know anything american you have to buy something you don't have here domestically by your you not by u.s. and so u.s. intelligence is the interference in china costs are coming to lose that whole market and it led to this whole global arms race now with telecoms and technology
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in general right in artificial intelligence as well ok. for this episode a cause report thank you thank you that's going to do it for this edition of kaiser report with me max kaiser stacy herbert like to thank our guest dan collins new research director capital if you want to raise us on twitter it's kaiser report. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately there was also a very dark side. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character
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that you type into the search bar it will always be one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results based on what they think you should be seen if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more road we give them the sooner we are. this footage is unique because the zoe tribal lands are normally off limits to the public eric's allowed in because he's listened to his personal doctor. the. people here know him simply as dr eric he's rich and famous some always on the move saving yachts and flying aircraft that.
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he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. that's happening amazon. how are you so sis going to busy doing nothing is going to get the population knocking what is going to people long mamas on. the.
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serbia valas to protect its citizens after a police. raid a serb populated area a russian employee of the united nations mission in the self declared republic has also been arrested and reportedly we are not in moments also ahead. it is a virtual certainty that you will fight on a battlefield for america some point your life from venice will lead to afghanistan on even europe but u.s. vice president mike pence preps military academy graduates for active service right .


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